Port Tongs

Port Tongs

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Enjoy the Port Tongs that multiple James Beard Award Winning and Michelin Rated Restaurants rely on for their wine and port service. 

Our new design is celebrated for being effective at opening both Wine and Port.  Order now to get the new and improved port tongs that are designed and assembled near Washington, D.C.

Opening a special bottle of Wine or Port?  Your best course of action is likely to bypass the cork as it could be compromised and could negatively impact the flavor of the Port.

With an adjustable grip these tongs will open nearly any size bottle of Port or Wine, easily and quickly.

Simply heat them for 1-2 minutes from a gas stove top, a fire, or a bbq and grip the neck of the bottle you wish to open from a point below the cork.  After about 15 seconds release the tongs and place in a bowl of cold water.  Apply a cloth soaked in cold water to the neck of the bottle for a few seconds and when you remove it the neck should separate cleanly.  

Easy and effective.

The hardwood handles feature nickel-plated stainless steel ferrules and have a heavy wax finish for a beautiful and maintenance-free shine.